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Posted by admin on 15 Jun 2014

Project Bagong Araw

Launched in April of 2014, Project Bagong Araw aims to revive the sari-sari store economy in Haiyan-hit communities. The project will focus on ten municipalities in Leyte hoping to reach two-thousand store owners, effectively affecting an estimate of one hundred thousand individuals from the communities served by the stores.

Project Bagong Araw will focus on assisting Nanay (mother) micro-entrepreneurs in rebuilding their stores and attaining stability. The program will provide them with three key resources: business skills training, access to capital, and store repairs.

Business Skills Training. The Nanays will undergo six months of training to enable them to manage their stores effectively. They will learn how to utilize and implement systems such as record keeping and risk management. The training will also guide them in growing and expanding their stores’ product mix. At the end of the program some Nanays are hoped to be selected as Hapinoy partners for mobile financial services.

Rapid Access to Capital. In order to supplement their training, Hapinoy has partnered with the biggest and most established microfinance institutions in the Philippines, to provide the Nanays with access to capital loans. This will enable the store-owners to replenish their stocks and focus on growing their stores.

Store Enhancement. Along with everyone else, micro-entrepreneurs face the challenge of rebuilding from the devastation of the typhoon. Thus, Project Bagong Araw will provide Nanays with store improvements such as a signage and multi-purpose canopies. These installations will hopefully improve the store’s security and attract more consumers. But more than that, the store improvements help provide Nanay with the encouragement and confidence she needs to begin anew.

Whit this holistic program, Hapinoy aims to aid Nanay micro-entrepreneurs jumpstart and grow their stores right. While on a more macro perspective, Project Bagong Araw is hoped to contribute in making goods and services more available and accessible to affected communities through these stores. Ultimately Hapinoy aspires to join our fellow countrymen as they begin to stand-up and face a new day.

Project Bagong Araw is made possible through partnerships with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), and the support of generous benefactors.

Mobile: Hapinoy Mobile Money Hub

One of the things that Hapinoy teaches its Nanays is how to identify and grab new opportunities for their businesses. Putting this into practice, we thought of what the next step might be for us. Together with our partners, we ended up exploring the potential of mobile technology for sari-sari stores. Being relatively affordable and extremely customizable, mobile technology applications are the perfect means to revolutionize store systems. It is also the ideal instrument to bring vital services to consumers within the convenience of a sari-sari store.

With the power of mobile technology, Hapinoy hopes to bring financial services down to the sari-sari store level. This will provide the Nanays with additional income while promoting financial inclusion for all. Currently on its initial stages, the project will focus on money remittance, bills payment, and airtime loading. And in the near future, Hapinoy hopes to aggregate all possible transactions into one system and offer the services through sari-sari stores and other possible avenues turning them into Hapinoy Money Hubs.

Hapinoy Mobile Money Hub is basically a financial services center compact enough to be installed in even the most basic establishments such as a sari-sari store. In line with Hapinoy’s driving mission, the project will provide many micro-entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to increase their businesses by becoming Mobile Money Hubs. Not only will this new business potentially provide them with additional profits but it will also open-up new doors for them as they continue to progress as entrepreneurs. Because learning to adapt to the changing times in this case, starting with engaging in mobile technology, will set them up for further success in business.

Looking at the bigger picture, Hapinoy also wants its new project to contribute to the empowerment of every Filipino. Thus Hapinoy Mobile Money Hubs are designed to promote financial literacy among the masses. It also aims to provide people with equal opportunities when it comes to financial options and services. Hapinoy believes that with the number of sari-sari stores and other micro-enterprises to partner with and the ease of mobile technology, financial inclusion is more attainable than ever.

Hapinoy Mobile Money Hub perfectly brings together our main mission of empowering micro-entrepreneurs and our hope of extending our impact to the communities that these enterprises serve. It is the perfect next step for us in Hapinoy. Thus together with the endless support of our partners, we hope to bring Hapinoy Mobile Money Hub to every community, even to the most rural of places.