The Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program

Hapinoy’s Market Research & Insights (MRIS) Program aims to aid companies understand the base-of-the-pyramidenabling them to develop products, services, or communication strategies that will properly capture and benefit the market.

The program partners with Hapinoy’s community of Nanays and network of stores to provide companies with the best and most direct medium to understanding consumers and retailers in low-income markets. Working directly with our Nanaysallows us to gain first-hand information and insight regarding their mindsets and behaviour as resellers and consumers, which we turn into actionable recommendations to aid egcompanies in developing and growing their products and services for this segment.

The Team

The MRIS team is under Mark Joaquin Ruiz, the president of MicroVentures, Inc. the social enterprise behind Hapinoy. Prior to co-founding Hapinoy, he worked as a senior manager in customer development in a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company (FMCG), with 7 years experience. Given his background, Mark brings to the table the balance of perspectives between the client-side and the Hapinoy Nanays.

Jumie Anne Cruz Zuñiga spearheads the MRIS team with nearly a decade’s worth of experience in market research. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, and is on official LOA for her Masters of Arts, Major in Sociology.

She has worked with clients from various categories and industries such as FMCG, fast food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals, service, technology, banking and finance, as well as Government and Non-Government agencies and organizations. Jumie is a member of the Marketing and Opinion Research Society of the Philippines (MORES) and recipient of multiple awards for her work with different research agencies.


The Market Research and Insights Services team designs a specific research program or study per client depending on the focus, factor to be tested, development stage, and problem faced by the brand. Research programs vary from having either quantitative or qualitative data only to a combination of both depending on the needs of the client and the focus of the project.

Below are the three main focuses to choose from:

Innovation is for companies who are seeking for more information and insights about the market as a tool to refine their strategies prior to the launch or re-launch of a new product, service or feature of an existing product or service.

Pilot launch/Test Market is for companies who want to test the market, consumer and retailer, response to a product or service or new feature to a product or service that they are launching/re-launching.

Topic-specific studies are for companies who wish to isolate a factor, feature or part of their product or service and understand its effects on the overall market response to the product or service.


Hapinoy’s MRIS programs are highly customizable and insightful as it utilizes the existing network of stores as a real-world laboratory to gather first-hand information directly from the market.


The MRIS team assures that each research program is designed with the proper use of either qualitative or quantitative data or a combination of both closely considering the nature and the objective of the program.

With Hapinoy’s community of Nanays, qualitative studies are conveniently done in-house while having a network of stores eases the process of quantitative data gathering. Depending on the extent of each research program, the MRIS team may opt to hire a qualified third entity to implement the quantitative data gathering.


From an international clean technology company:

“Their knowledge of the markets and distribution channels throughout the Philippines has provided the information backbone for two of our new products. Without the relationship, we would simply never have developed these two innovative products…Hapinoy Research & Insights Services is one of our most valued partners.”

From a leader in telecommunications industry:

“The Research and Insights Services team’s outputs were very straightforward and had a clear objective. The information can be a source of inspiration for Hapinoy partners to further improve its products and services that will benefit the rural folks”

An international dairy company:

“We are very happy with the output and dedication that the Hapinoy Research and Insights Services team provides. The outputs are thought out which greatly helps us with the management decision on hand.”

From a leading pharmaceutical company:

“Hapinoy Research and Insights Services provided a platform for us to study/validate consumer preferences and understand market behavior”

In line with Hapinoy’s Mission/Vision, the MRIS is aimed towards further understanding the BoP in an effort to empower them both as micro-entrepreneurs and as consumers. We hope that through this initiative we can aid companies in developing better products and services for the BoP while also learning how to further improve our programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you capable of extensive quantitative studies?

Yes! Our network of stores allows us to provide companies extensive quantitative data, if needed. Depending on the coverage, we sometimes opt to hire a third party to perform the data gathering and within our network of stores. We are also likely to outsource tabulation and data processing for big quantitative studies.

Where are your areas?

Hapinoy is currently present in several regions in Luzon specifically Benguet, Bulacan, Cavite and Rizal in the north while reaching Laguna, Quezon, Albay, Camarines Sur, and Sorsogon in the south. This year, Hapinoy hopes to expand to Visayas – particularly in Leyte -and hopefully soon enough, Mindanao.

How many stores do you have access to?

Since 2006 we have worked with more than 3,000 stores and we’re continuing to expand our reach this year to new areas.

Do you work with a different set of store for every project? How will that affect the study on my product?

We choose the stores based on your study objectives and requirements. As much as we can, we try to use different stores as panel to avoid over-familiarity from HapinoyNanays and also to spread the experience to our network as much as we can.

In line with Hapinoy’s Mission/Vision, the MRIS Program is aimed towards further understanding the BoP in an effort to empower them both as micro-entrepreneurs and as consumers. We hope that through this initiative we can aid companies in developing better products and services for the BoP while also learning how to further improve our programs.