The Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program


Our mission is to develop the most robust program focused on the sari-sari store. More specifically:

To develop highly-skilled and empowered micro entrepreneurs who are running sari-sari stores by enabling them with the tools and skills necessary to build a sustainable business and bring more impact at the community level through training and related capacity-building initiatives

To give micro entrepreneurs access to value-added inputs, such as capital microfinance/capital, training/capacity-building, and new business opportunities

To develop a robust platform for channelling goods to the community level all the way to the last mile/most rural areas, with a preference for social impact goods


Hapinoy’s vision is built on the idea of a FILIPINO COMMUNITY with THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE MICRO TO SMALL BUSINESSES at the GRASSROOTS level, starting with the local SARI-SARI STORE network owned and run by EMPOWERED NANAYS. It envisions a community where basic goods are accessible and more and more services that improve the quality of life are efficiently delivered to even the most rural of areas.